Which kind of laptop should we buy in 2020?

Which kind of laptop should we buy in 2020?

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Laptop is must needed thing in these days.All the people have at least one laptop in their house nowadays.Some people have more than one laptops in theirĀ  home also.So,which kind of laptop should you buy in 2020.We should buy a laptop that has adequate power to handle our daily lives.It is also depends on for what purpose you are going to buy a laptop.In this blog we will cover you which kind of laptop should you buy in 2020.

Minimum of i5 Processor

Computer has to handle a lot of things.So,it is necessary that the processor of the laptop is powerful enough.So,for god laptop minimum of i5 gen is truly recommended.You also can go for the i7 gen if you have enough money for that.But we tell you that buy the laptop that has at least processor of i5 .

laptop buying guide

There is also AMD version of laptops in the market.As per the reviews those laptops are also as good as the interl series processors.They need time to be setteled in the market.Many customers also say that the laptops with the processor of AMD series are very cheap also.Be sure to check the AMD series processor laptops also.


In the 2020 at least 8GB of RAM is truly needed for all the laptops.The laptops with less than 8GB of RAM are like garbage this time.We assume that there is only 4gb of RAM in the computer.With our calculation the windows 10 uses 2.5 gb of RAM alone.If we open the chrome it uses almost 2 gb pf Ram alone.If the computer runs with the 3 or 4 tabs of chrome open be sure that computer is going to crash for sure.

laptop buying guide ram

So,if you love the smooth tab switching and there is a interst in the multitasking,8gb of RAM is needed for the sure.We say you that 8gb is also not sufficient as the applications of today comsumes a way more RAM.therefore please buy a laptop that has at least 8gb of RAM.If you have more money you can also go for 16/18 gb.

SSD is must

Does your computer boot up really slow.Does your computer takes a way more time to the startup.If yes there is no SSD in your computer.Typically thereĀ  are no all the computers with SSD in the computer.SSD means the Solid state drive.SSD are way more faster than the HHD which are typically in all the computer nowadays.Your computer may boot up really slow because the Windows is installed in the hard drive of your computer and windows runs very very slow in the hard drive.SSD are 100 times faster than the HDD drive so windows will runs very fastly in the computer.

laptop buying guide ssd

Therefore before buying the laptop make sure that there is a SSD drive in it.

Graphis Card

Graphis Card is aslo the much needed thing in a laptop.Only the RAM and Ssd are not enough for the laptop these days.Graphics card is also much needed for the best performance of the laptop.Graphics Card boosts the performance of the graphics in your computer system.The Graphics card enables you to get the laptop done work in video playing,photo viewing and many kinds of other things rendering in the computer.If you want to play a game in a computer be sure that you own a graphis card in the laptop.One thing is clear that your computer can not run the games easily without the Graphics card in the PC.

If you play PUBG and do not have the graphics card you can not get more than 25 fps gaming.Also for all the editing things like photoshop and other video things Graphics card is neeeded.

Therefore buy a laptop that sure has a graphics card in computer.


HENCE,if you are planning to buy a laptop in this period of time be sure that the laptop has the above creditionals.If the laptop has above things you are going to get the best performance from a laptop.

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