Top Methods for monetizing our blog

Top Methods for monetizing our blog

Methods for blog monetization

If we have a blog and want to earn from it the Google Adsense is not the only option. There are a lot of Advertising sites for the blog leaving the Adsense. There are some monetization option that are e is so famous for us because the it is the product of the Google which is brand itself. And itself this is the most trusted and reliable method to monetize our blog. But if you are not satisfied with the earning of Adsense or you are not getting the Adsense Approval or any compliant with the Google Adsense you can try the other options.

Its main benefit is that you can get the instant approval of your Ads serving. You do not have to worry the Ads are fully Responsive and they can fit in your website in very good way.

So, lets look at the best Google Adsense Alternative for Monetizing your blog or Website


Media.Net is the same as like the Google Adsense. Like the Adsense is the Product of the Google, the is the product of the rival company Yahoo. Being a renowned company it is not any problem to work with the Media.Net. This is 100% safe and you can not be cheated a penny from your income. The puts the Advertisement as same as the Google Adsense.  So, your income and other reports are also same as like the Google Adsense. The serves you ads same as the Google Adsense by seeing the content of your Blog or Website.

adsense alternative blog

Therefore the is the one of the Google Adsense Alternative for monetizing your blog.2Chitika


is also the one of the most popular Ad Network Around the World. If you are not very good with the Google Adsense or the any other advertising platform, chitika is the best Google Adsense Alternative for you. In the Chitika you can customize the Ads, Allow them or Block them with the need in your website. The very best thing about the Chitika is that it has the lowest threshold transition. If you have the Paypal Account you can be paid only for the 10$. And if you want the money as the cheque you can get minimum of 50$. They can pay you to the Payoneer also if you want that.


Why Chitika is Good than the Google Adsense?

  1. Minimum transition
  2. They serve only targeted Ads so more clicks.


Taboola is the very much popular Advertising Network Nowadays. With the Taboola many of the bloggers are making a lots of money. The Taboola offers a lot of ways to advertise. Some has the thought that the revenue of the Taboola is much greater than of the Adsense.  But for the Taboola Advertising our blog should be big and have to get tons of traffic limit.

Taboola Requirements to monetize the blog:

  1. 500000 page views monthly
  2. No adult content
  3. Online Shopping Affiliate

If you are not interested in giving the ads for the monetization, there is a another way to monetize of the Blog. If your Adsense is not Approved, or you do not have any interest in making your site dirty with the full of Ads there, you can try the Affiliate Program of the online Shopping Sites.

This can be the best and the major Google Adsense Alternative for monetizing the blog of yours. If your sales grow a lot you can earn a huge amount of Money than the Google Adsense and the other advertising Networks.

The Online Shopping Sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc give you the easiest mean of Ads for your website. The main good thing for this is that you can even earn if they clicked in a link of the one thing and they buy the another. Example, if they opened the link of the Laptop Ad given by you and went on buying the television you can still be paid. You can get from 1% to 50% commission of the sales you did from your Ad link.

So, this is also the best Adsense Alternative for Monetizing your Blog or Website.



Among the other advertising things Infolinks is the anoter google alternatives that is available.The infolinks is available for the all of the high advertising websites.It is some kind of disappointing that the Infolinks is not for all of the small websites that has all the small amount of traffic.

If your website is big enough for the getting of 100000 pageviews infolinks is also a good source of monetizing your website.Find all the things that are required to get the infolinks here.

Hence infolinks can be a great souce of income for you if you have the traffic of around 100000 pageviews monthly.There are high chances of getting more than 150$ monthly in the source of income from Infolinks.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most trusted globally and much used monnetizing the website around the world.The Google Adsense is the main corperate of Google which is trusted globally.From the publishers all around the world they contact the Google.Ad publishers get the income to the google and Google gives the publishers money to be in the page.

Google claims that the company puts only less than 30% to itself.Google says that the Google distributes the 68% source of income to the users.Advertising is the main source of income to the Google.Hence the both Adsense publishers and other distributers are equally important to the Google.


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