Most Downloaded Games

Most Downloaded Games

Most Download Apps in Play Store

There are lots of games and a lots of apps in the Google Play Store.We can find a numerous games and apps that are recommended to us while opening a App.Some are are too good that they are downloaded by almost all of the people.Social Media Apps like Facebook,Instagram are popular a lot but apart from those some are most loving apps in the store.Lets see which apps are most downloaded in the 2020.


This game has taken the world by storm in 2018. The game was the best and the most popular in 2018 which made it the Most downloaded App in Play Store in 2018. Player Under Ground Battle Ground is the game from Korea which made people to play this game at least once .

This is a war game in that we can play with our friends, with unknown also or even solo. This game has all the factors that can make it the best game of 2018. The graphics, logic, controls and all the things are truly amazing of this game.  So, this App is the most downloaded app in 2018 in Play Store.


Previously known as Musically this App changed its name to Tik-tok due to some special reasons which is the most downloaded app in 2018. The App is the musical or dramical category on which there we have to do the acting that we are dancing or speaking etc.

This is mainly popular  in the girls and the Asian countries are fan of it. It also has the feature of making followers. So, if we are good at here we can be famous and people start to knowing us.

So, Tik-Tok is the most downloaded App from  Play Store in 2018.


Free fire

Free Fire is also the one of the most played game in the world.The game is same as the PUBG ut the game is lighter a lot then the actual PUBG.

The Freefire game is all about same as the PUBG game.It is also the fighting game and aim is to survive by killing a lot of people.In the game free fire you are pushed in the area where there are also many other players and you have to compete against them.If you come first in the match by killing all the enemied you win the game.Otherwise you are killed or any thing happpened you are out.

Freefire also makes this game a lot of game downloads.The game is being played a way more then the other games.Freefire also holds the place of top 5 games that is to be downloaded in 2020.It is also very popular in the countries like Nepal,India and also other South Asian Countries.

Best thing of this game is it does not need a high end phone.Even the basic budget phone can also run this game smoothly.

Clash of Clans

Seems a bit older but this game was also the best game till now.The game was played in older days alike in 2017.It is also the most downloaded game ever.The game was so addicative in older days that people spent a lot of game playing this game.The game was lighter and can run only in 1 gb RAM phone.It is a online game which we can do building the most powerful house and make them as secure as possible.The main goal of this game is to prevent our village from the attacks and to prevet them from the enemy there.Playing this game was too much fun in the older days.This game was considered as one of the best game of 2017.

Subway surfers

At once in a lifetime you must have played this game.The game playing is the most addictive thing you will see today.The game was the huge impact of the Temple Run series.This game was almost same as the Temple Run 2 as it aim was to go far much as possible as the others.

In this game the small kid steals the cane of juice from the Subway and drinks that.The cop in the station sees that kid and chases.You are a kid in the game and have to go as far as you can.Score the highest score as much as poosible.



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