How can you get rid of virus in PC

How can you get rid of virus in PC

How can you get rid of virus in PC

Is your computer has a lot of virus.Are there a lots of malware in your phone.Has your PC  got a enough RAM but the computer runs very hang.Then you are in a right place.In this blog we will show you the best tricks to make your computer totally virus free.That is we will teach you how you can make your computer totally free from the virus.

These methods are really helpful for making your computer fast.Follow the steps given below for making computer free from the viruses.

Get yourself computer a antivirus

Antivirus is a most needed thing for the computer.Antivirus plays a vital role for the computer to make it free from the attack of many malware in the computer.You can say that the antivirus does not allow the other virus to stay in the computer.


There are a lots of anti-virus in the market.Some of them are free all over and some require a lot of money for buying.You can get also a free antivirus available in the internet.The free antivirus  is not as effective as the paid one.The free antivirus that are available in the market are Avast and other available.There are also many kinds of antivirus that are free.

As we said paid antivirus are really effective.We can get  lot of security from the paid anti virus.They perform the daily checkup to our computer and they also play a vital role in backup also.If you are highly concerned about the security go for the Kaspersky Antivirus.This is the most trusted antivirus all over the world.

Do not use torrent

Using the torrent is a part of our life nowadays.But it is very better not to use the torrent in your computer.Torrent is not free as you know.It has a lots of many kinds of harmful links there.We can see hundreds of pop of tabs occurs there for the advertisement.

If you can use the torrent premium then it can be some how ok for the virus.But if you want to use the torrent free of cost you are at 100% risk.Remember you can loose your all the files in the computer if your some sort of virus entered in your computer.So,stay safe and do not use the torrent.

Upgrade to torrent premium if you want to be.

Never use the cracked applications

We have a very common problem.Using the cracked applications in our daily lives.It may seems free to use those software or apps but in the upcoming future it can be very costly.We recommend you please please and please do not use the cracked ones applications or software or programs in your computer.They may be free but it can wipe all your data in the future.

Those are also responsible for eating all the RAM of your computer.If your computer hangs a lot as it have a lots of free storage.Those cracked apps also run the apps in the background and make our computer very slow in the end.So,we also suggest you not to use the cracked applications in your computer.

If you pay for the software it is really good for the present and the future also.They will not be responsible for any things.

Do not follow spam links

We may get a lot of links in our daily facebook,twitter or whatsapp.And we are sure that we click on them.They come with a lots of naughty images in it.We expect more such kinds of videos there but at the end we go up downloading the virus in our computer.If we follow them there can be downloaded a apps or program or any kind of script in our computer system.The system may not be notified in the computer system.So,be aware of those links and do not follow them.

Never insert all pen drives

We talked a lots of things about software above.But did you know that there is a transmission of virus in our computer through the hardware also.

Yes the external devices like pen-drive,memory card,sd card and all the other hard drive may contain the virus.If the virus is in the pen drive or the kind of card it may be transmitted into the computer of us.So be sure that the thing that you are going to insert in the computer must be free from all the kind of virus and malwares.

Be sure to scan the things you are going to insert in the computer by the antivirus first.

Hence if you follow the above given rules there are high chances of getting the freedom of virus in your computer system.


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