Apply Adsense of Blogger

Apply Adsense of Blogger

How to Apply for Adsense in blogger

Earning money with the Adsense is the dream for the every bloggers. There are the many ways to monetize the blog but  the Adsense is the best way because it is the most trusted ,reliable and very easy method.  Here we will know how to apply for Adsense in the blogger.For Apply Adsense in WordPress read this article.


Conditions Needed for Adsense Approval

. Approval for Adsense is not very easy like before . Google stricted its policy and made some criteria for the Approval of Adsense because of the spams done by some peoples.In this time google does not allow to add the adsense code all oveR.You must have adsense approved for all the domains separately.It is not easy to get the approval for the blogpost.

  • 1.You must have at least 12-15 Articles to apply for the Adsense.
  • 2.The Category, Menu , Subheadings and all should be arranged very well. Your site should look good and it has to user friendly. They should find the all things they want to easily.
  • Your Posts must be of more than 300-400+ words. Adsense has not created a exact word count value but it should be like that.

  • 4.In some countries like India, Pakistan and others you might have to wait six months. But if you own a custom domain you can get it fast .You can spend a couple of bucks or if you have no money you can do it for free. Learn here how to make a free custom Domain name for FREE on blogger.

Applying For the Adsense

  • After having all the things as said before  you can Now Apply for the Adsense. For Applying For the Adsense follow the following instructions.
  1. a) Go to
  2. b) In that form click the sign up button.
  • 3)There enter your blog domain name. eg ( And enter your email address.
  • 4.After that Enter all your details . Remember you have to enter name, Address , Country all things truly. If you mistake it you can get a trouble in future.
  • 5.After filling the form there you will get the code. Copy that Code.
  • 6.Go to the and sign up. In the homepage go to themes and Edit code.
  1. In the first of <head> section Press ENTER & paste that code.
  2. After the completion go to Adsense page and Check I’ve Pasted my code to site.
  3. DONE!!!


Approval time for Adsense

Usually in the 10-15 hours of the applied time you can get the adsense approval for the blogger.But in some cases it can take a lot of time also.

So in the applied of 10-12 hours you can get the Adsense Approval and can see the Ads in your website if all terms and conditions are satisfied. It can may take more than that time.

If there is your application rejected make sure you made some changes in your website like in the pages.Make sure to add the pages like privacy policy and all the other kinds of pages that are all informative to the users.

Adsense approval is very hard but if you follow the basic things it is also very easy to get the adsense approval.You can also sign up for all the blogging platforms like and all the other tasks but  there are no any things like Adsense.



If you have done all the taxes and has not got the Adsense Approval you can contact me in the Contact Page. I will try my best to help you.


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